Sunday, August 10, 2014

Crack down on the crime of "governing"

It is a criminal act to commit "government".

But, it's worse than that.

"Government" is a copycat crime.

Not only that, it is an escalating copycat crime, where each thug gets new, innovative ideas of how to violate more people "better" from all the others committing the same evil act.

I say it's time to break the cycle.



  1. That police-state "crackdown" crap always bugged me. There's actually nothing legitimate or consistent with natural right to crack down on, except the Halloween-costumed crackdowners themselves and their political-class backers and enablers, and their puritan-voter busy-body enablers. The only things crackdowners crack down on are mala prohibita non-crime "crimes" that are NOT REAL crimes against peaceful coexistence. REAL crimes against persons/property don't require "crackdowns". They simply require adjudication of the actual criminals and restoration to victims . . . nothing to do with "crackdowns"!

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  3. Now think about this: it might just be that it is submission to government that is the greater offense. With submission comes demand. With demand comes supply.

    Abstain from beans, my friends. Cease "voluntary compliance" with all your heart and soul. Go to the white man's jail if necessary ('tho I don't recommend that if at all avoidable without compromising your principles).


  4. On a market, people produce and seek to exchange what they have produced.

    That said, the state is not a market, theft is not exchange.

    You are right that all that paying Danegeld buys you is another Dane, demanding to be paid - or else!

  5. No argument, Keith.

    But voluntary submission does by natural market principles create demand, which creates supply. Voluntary submission (e.g.: failure to resist, failure to avoid when possible to avoid) to anything, that is. If you leave your stuff out for thieves, thieves will appear. Psychopaths* use this tactic regularly to lure individuals into breaking "laws" so they can be "arrested".

    Natural market principles apply to both the good and the bad. ("Market rules" may be the better term to sidestep word games).

    When (if) you vote you show support of state, which will always grow to meet the "demand" of voters. "The-People-Have-Spoken!"

    When (if) you voluntarily submit ("file" ha ha) confessions ("returns" ha ha ha) so you can be pilfered ("Pay-Your-Fair-Share" ha ha ho ho), you have aided in the exponential expansion of the "tax base".

    Thus my ongoing entreaty, "abstain from beans". Sam

    * was embedded even though I don't necessarily endorse Sebastian's word usages or his whining about the evils of those grouped as "government". For one thing, he misspelled "unempathetic", but, more egregiously, he refers to the psychopaths as "our" rulers.

    If he looks to them as "his rulers" he's lost the battle before he starts.

    But a "saving grace" is his very last sentence, the quote:

    "He is not a slave because masters exist;
    masters exist because he elects
    to remain a slave". -Jean Francois Brient

    A basic marketplace rule.