Thursday, September 04, 2014

A poor substitute for justice

The justice system is such a poor substitute for justice- a farce, really- that most people can't even fathom justice anymore. It has been erased from the range of possibilities their minds can even consider.

So, instead of justice, they expect imprisonment and punishment.

Instead of restitution, people expect fines.

Instead of self defense, they expect cops to come save their sorry, cowardly hides.

And, it's all because a worthless "justice system" was allowed to replace justice.

Well, there is no substitute for justice. Don't expect me to support your useless system.

Sure, I would accept "jury duty" if allowed- if only because that is a concrete way to thwart the schemes of the state. But I only see that as a way to help people avoid getting caught up in something that never serves justice anyway. Justice for the guilty comes separately.


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