Sunday, September 07, 2014

Coming up with any excuse for The State

A while back I saw a really silly, desperate grasp at justification for government:

"what do you think life will be like when anarchy rules and your fat, ugly next door neighbor decides to mate with his pet sheep in the front yard whilst playing hip hop through gigantic, window rattling speakers?"

And, what do you do if this happens now, under the US police state?

I certainly wouldn't call the cops on my strange neighbor. The cops might shoot him, and I don't think his behavior should be a capital offense. And, seeing how often it happens, I don't think it's worth the risk of being shot, myself, when the testosterone crazed cowards show up. And I value my daughter too much to invite cops into her presence.

As they say, "good fences make good neighbors", and if you live near enough to see other people on their own property from your house, you probably ought to invest in a fence if you worry about what you'll see.

"What you'll hear" is a more difficult matter, but again, distance is the cure for that. Or, just sit outside and enjoy it. Or, blast your own antidote on your own property and drown out what you don't want to hear. Plus, aren't there now computers which can neutralize sound? In a free market, those would probably get better, cheaper, and more common- just for things like the neighbor and his giant speakers.

It really bewilders me that people actually worry about things like this happening, and can't think of any way to "protect" themselves from it that don't involve aggression, theft, or that huge, gluttonous Combo Meal of the two: The State.



  1. Kent,

    Have you noticed the subtle message in news reports of the alleged beheadings? You see a guy calmly kneeling, ready to accept his own beheading. As if it just weren't possible to resist aggression. Without the might of the US Military, and as a corollary extension, the Po-lice, we are powerless to resist becoming victims.


    1. John Ross pointed out a simillar thing in Unintended Consequences - with WWii concentration camp inmates being shoved around by boys with SMGs and rifles with the bolts closed/uncocked on empty chambers. How different the world might have been if those inmates had rushed the statists.

      You've just reminded me - all of the fuss about one beheading and how it might be used to justify a war. Yet none of these other recent beheadings got any news coverage

      no pretext for statist war - no news coverage.

    2. Dave, I'm Dave, too. I thought about what I would do in a similar situation. I would know that they are going to kill me. If my feet weren't shackled or tied I would get up and run. Let them chase me or shoot me in the back. Anything but give them a good photo op. If my feet wre tied, then I would flip over and start kicking and fighting anyway I could. Better to go out fighting rather than like a sheep. And I would be shouting that they are mating with their mothers and anything else I could think of. If you know you're going to die at the hands of these murdering scum, you might as well accept it and then make it as difficult as possible for them.

    3. Going from long memory, the appropriate Arabic phrase goes something like:

      Ka-suemack sharamoota with long and heavy emphasis on the "sue" part - the first bit refers to a part of his mother's anatomy that rhymes with runt, the second calls her a whore, I've forgotten how to put in the bit about "kelb" (dog or bitch).

      Back at the time I knew some arabs, the screwed up ones were the Lebanese - from the civil war in the 1970s.

      I've seen a few comments by people who have watched actual beheadings, who say that the latests vids don't look like the real thing.

    4. I feel the same about those guys being led complacently to the death chamber in US prisons. Go out like a man, not like a lamb. Take a few State Authorized murderers with you.

  2. Oh good grief!

    a real live sheep shagger is going to get so laughed at and pointed at (even if he does win the international contest to create a human-sheep hybrid - a competition which has been going on for thousands of years, in remote and usually mountainous areas of the world ).

    A story from around the time I was at college - so about 30 years ago:

    There was a nutty sort of character, who amongst other misdeeds had held up a bank with a toy pistol - and would have got away with it, except the chain came off the bicycle he was making his gettaway on...

    He used to show up in a small village and creepily follow young girls around, the local cop who was despised by those of higher rank for never having anything written in his pocket book and for having zero crime on his patch - used to pick him up and take him for a ride off into the middle of nowhere, a five mile walk to the nearest place to hitch a lift, kick him out of the car, and tell him "one of these days, you'll learn - you don't come onto my patch".

    Anyway - ammong this character's other exploits was getting caught shagging a pet goat, tethered on a village green (in a village about 8 miles east of the English Durham)

    The ridicule followed him everywhere, with people making goat noises and laughing at him. On one of his later cagings, he was placed on suicide watch - largely due to the other cagees making goat noises and laughing at him.

    I think he eventually drank himself to death on meths - another statist attrocity - lacing otherwise good alcohol with poisons so that a gang can extort money on un-poisoned drink.

    What would have been different without a state?

    If he'd been stupid enough to try to rob a bank he'd likely have collected his Darwin then and there.

    A villager, probably quite simillar to that exceptional (and long since retired) cop, would probably have taken him for a ride, and likely have shown him a quarry or strip mine tipping area - with the suggestion that if he didn't stay away, that's where he'd be going.

    He wouldn't be going in a cage - without welfare he'd be working to stay alive, and probably wouldn't have had much time or energy for mischief

    He would have had access to as much cheap spirit as he could afford

    and he'd still be universally laughed at and joked about, to the accompanyment of goat noises.

    PS; there are some really good active noise supression ear defenders on the market. they're great for things like engine noise, I don't think they presently work too well for music, but what the hell, turn your own music up, put passive ear plugs in, or invest in a higher fence and another layer of double glazing.

    1. I used to live some place else, and there was a close-by town which had a reputation for sheep lovin'. But those locals complained that it was undeserved. According to them a guy from a different nearby town had keeled over dead while "romancing the ewe", and that's where the reputation came from. Either way, yeah, the whole town "suffered" from the story, so I can imagine that had the guy survived, and been discovered in the act, he would have been shamed relentlessly.