Tuesday, September 16, 2014

More gun stuff from Julie

I've been busy and distracted, and I neglected to share a few things from the Julie on Politics blog.

As I noted in an email to Julie:

Any sheriff who claims to defend the Second Amendment- but still enforces the NFA of 1934 and the GCA of '68 (and any other anti-gun edict)- is a liar. They are playing politics to appeal to a certain segment of the voters rather than being a real defender of gun rights. I realize they can't keep the "tax"-funded "job" without compromising, but that just means an honest person wouldn't accept the "job" in the first place.
The Second Amendment- if I could go back in time and write it from scratch- would be a lot simpler. It would state "Anyone who tries to take your guns is fair game". Because that is the moral reality, if not the "law".

Of course, a Second Amendment isn't necessary unless you make the stupid mistake of allowing a State to exist.

Well, they do. But evil thugs- from the cop who kidnapped her, to the parasites in the "justice system" who are continuing the molestation of Ms. Allen- are very enthusiastic to violate that right. I would like to see my re-writing of the Second Amendment mentioned above applied liberally in every case like this. I will never grieve any cop or politician who dies in the act of committing a gun theft. Never.

I haven't said anything about this accident, because there just isn't much to say. Accidents happen, and it is always tempting to start placing blame. We all do things that could have- or should have- killed us. If nothing happened we may not even be aware of it. 

I'm glad the dead man's kids are reaching out to the girl. I hope their forgiveness (if it was even needed) brings her comfort. And, I hope, just like falling off a bike, she will try shooting again.


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