Sunday, September 21, 2014

Track down and drown... who?

(Let's imagine a world where voting mattered, and where the ZAP didn't...)

We should track down and drown Republican voters for always throwing the election to the Democrats! If they would just vote Libertarian like they should they wouldn't end up with Democrats in office! They need to just hold their nose for the liberty they don't want, and vote for Libertarians anyway, to keep the Democrat from winning. They always bleed votes away from the Libertarian candidate, and look where that gets us!

Well, if it were true for Republicans (and good enough for their harpy) it would be true for Libertarians.



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    1. A quick way to deal with these guys is to ask their stance on the ZAP . If they start coming up with excuses and well"s and "but"s, you can relegate them to the "libertarian-leaning" category... or less. If they do know and advocate the ZAP, ask how that meshes with what they've been doing "politically".

    2. I was asked to delete the above comment by the person it referred to. So I did.