Monday, October 27, 2014

Pride in shameful things

I just had a horrifying realization!

Some people- maybe most people- have some sort of psychological need to feel proud of "their" government!

Why would anyone be that pathetic?

Do they also need to feel proud of the other robbers and molesters who surround them?

Yeah, I know: Stockholm Syndrome and all that. But still... it's just bizarre!



  1. The need to feel pride is a defensive response to the cognitive dissonance between how they have been brainwashed about the creation "they put there and are responsible for" and the observed reality.

  2. A pathetic example:

    1. I was confused at first- thinking you were defending the aggressive guy's actions, and condemning the reaction he got. Because it sure appears (from the video, which might not start early enough to show the facts) that he was the initiator of force. Taking someone's picture might be annoying, but doesn't rise to the level of initiation of force (otherwise I would have been right to punch an awful lot of people in my life). Plus, it kind of looked like the guy with the camera only took a picture after the other guy approached him in a threatening way.

      Until the end of the video I thought this was a good example of an aggressor getting a face-full of the consequences he asked for. You initiate force, and I like it when bystanders step in (ignoring for a moment that some of those who piled on were cops) - it's what statists claim wouldn't happen without The State, laws, and enforcers. In this case the bystanders stepped up, even knowing cops (of all manner) were present, and could decide to "arrest" them, as well.

      But then I was treated to Mr. State Worshiper's nonsensical take on the event, and as my eyes rolled I knew instantly what you were talking about.