Sunday, February 09, 2014

Open season on thugs?

I wish.  Because it should be, and in a free society, would be.

But, at least the guy who was arrested for "capital murder" when he shot a dangerous, armed, home invader who happened to wear a badge won't be facing the Texas "justice" (Ha!) system's death squad.

As for the dead badge bully: good riddance to bad trash.  I wish more of your "brothers" would face justice like you did.

As I have said before, every single time one of these home invasions is carried out, at least some of the invaders need to die.  Every single time, even if the raid is based upon some actual wrong and I would support taking action otherwise.  Because the cost of letting these badged thugs get away with this is much too high.  They need to know that one of their group won't be going home after the raid every time they suit up and make the choice to kick in a door.  Only then will they weigh the cost of being thugs and see the cost of their evil behavior is high.  Perhaps some will even recognize the results are worse than what they are fighting, and just maybe, if they are smart- or have a will to survive- they will stop acting like thuggish cowardly parasites and go back to being simply cowardly parasites.  That would be an improvement.

Perhaps then, knowing death awaits would make it not worth the cost to kick in doors and violate people over plants- or meth.  Or guns.  Or anything.  A man's home is his castle, and invaders need to take a boiling oil shower.  If they are doing something actually really bad inside, then it would be worth losing a few rescuers to save someone- and saving an innocent is the ONLY thing that would be worth it.

Of course, in this recent case the nasty and brutish copsuckers still insist that the innocent man's ongoing problems are a result of him choosing to possess plants and guns, and if he hadn't, none of this would have happened, so they intend to punish him as harshly as they can get away with for those non-wrongs.  Which shows that it's not only the home invaders who need to suffer the rightful consequences of their evil behavior.

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