Monday, February 10, 2014


Just sitting, watching cars drive past, and noticing how many of them are cop cars. Disgusting!

I know no one needs cops. But, pretending for a moment that their "job" (cough, cough) is legitimate and "necessary", I can still say this with confidence: No town* ever needs more than three cops. (Yes, fewer- zero- would be better, but we're pretending here.)

If there were an event that "required" a cop, one would suffice in most instances, and I doubt there would be more than one incident occurring simultaneously in a town where cops didn't violate the fundamental human right to own and to carry effective firearms of modern design- but if the improbable happened, three cops could back each other up in an extreme situation. Not that it would be needed if cops didn't make themselves the enemy of people in the community, because in that case every passerby would be armed and willing to come to the defense of anyone in need- even a cop. Cops are a huge part of the reason that doesn't happen much today.

But, any town where you can sit for a few minutes and see multiple cop cars driving past is infested with them.  It's the opposite of a "civilized" place.

*I'm talking about a regular town, not a Super-Sized MegaCity- but the observation still holds true no matter the size of the town- you should never see multiple cop cars in a few hour window of time. They should be an exceptionally rare sight- if you ever see one at all.