Monday, June 09, 2014

So... cops...

Yes,  I hate copsCops are cowards who cry "Officer safety", when what they are really showing is Officer paranoia. There are No "good cops", but there are some "Nice" cops. Cops are making the explicit choice to be molesters.

No, I haven't really had any bad experiences with cops. At least, nothing too horrible. There have been the usual experiences. But why wait until then? I haven't been murdered and I still know murder is wrong.

And, yes, I have sat down with cops and I have socialized with some. Still, cops are scum. All of them.

I realize cops sometimes save lives. So do farmers, street peddlers, and hamster breeders, sometimes.

Cops are members of an aggressive gang, no better than any other gang of bullies. You can't be a good person and remain "good" while supporting cops. It simply isn't possible; you are being inconsistent if you try.

What you need to realize is that "cop" isn't a person; "policing" is a set of behaviors which involve violating life, liberty, and property. A person can go from being a bad guy (cop) to a good guy in one instant by quitting the gang and never again initiating force or violating property rights- and then I'll have no problem with him. (He may still owe restitution for past offenses, however.)

Of course, as long as there are copsuckers who refuse to see or speak the truth, they'll keep insisting that cops are special and "necessary"...

Or, as Keith Hamburger put it on Facebook recently:
There is an armed gang stalking the streets of America. Festooned in blue and/or black costumes, wearing costume jewelry denoting their affiliations and rank. Brazenly going wherever they please, always armed with at least a sidearm, often staging home invasions with military weapons and grenades. They regularly position snipers with high powered rifles to help protect one another when carrying out their nefarious deeds. This gang regularly gets away with robbery, assault, sexual assault and even murder, using their affiliations with the judicial system to ensure they virtually never face the consequences of their actions. Look around you, it is certain that this gang is highly active and highly visible in your community.