Wednesday, June 11, 2014

A "tread on me" timeline

You were warned to not tread on me.

But collectivists have been treading on Rightful Liberty since the beginning. And, no, collectivism doesn't include "humanity", "civility", or "reason", but is the opposite of those. Democracy is mob rule, so yeah, I can see that.

I tried being nice and letting you collectivists know Time's Up

But, you collectivists must have a death wish. Not my problem.


Take back (the meaning of) Liberty!

Where did this nonsense "'Liberty' means 'license'; 'permission'" come from?

Oh, right- from the world's biggest enemy of liberty: government. Particularly from the military's intentional misuse of the word.

It's the same as the enemies of liberty changing the peaceful, voluntary nature of "anarchy" and making it mean (in brainwashed minds, anyway) "death and destruction".

If "they" can fool you into not understanding what a word means, they won't have to worry about what you think- because they will have gotten inside your head to steer your thoughts. You'll not be able to think outside the definition they approved. Or, it will be much harder and you'll need to come up with other words where "old" ones were perfectly fine.