Monday, June 23, 2014

L. Neil, you magnificent ... thinker. ;)

To anyone who knows how to look, what's heartbreakingly obvious—and more painful to me than I can possibly express—is that we, the United States of America, have, by fits and starts, become the very evil that we have always believed we were fighting. Our young soldiers are invaders, villains, no matter how they look or sound, not heroes or liberators, as they claim—or it is claimed for them. By any objective standard, they are being killed by people trying to protect their property, their rights, and the way that they choose to live their lives, no matter how repulsive and abhorrent that may seem to us.
My only quibble is that there is no "we", I am NOT a part of this and it isn't being done on my behalf, and "the United States of America" exists only in certain minds.

I recommend you go read the whole thing in this week's issue of The Libertarian Enterprise.


"Freedom? Here, let me take that for you."

There are psychological defects that go along with becoming a politician. First of all they think everything is theirs to control and use. And they also think every human activity needs to be regulated.

Just look at this article for example: Commissioner considering land use policy

"Lack of zoning and other regulations have meant that Curry County has little control over what is imposed within its limits."
Yeah, heaven forbid there's a little bit of freedom you perverts haven't yet outlawed.

And, what was that back up there in the first two paragraphs?

"Curry County has little control over what is imposed within its limits."  " the county achieve more jurisdiction over its land."
Oh no, the land isn't "its (Curry County's) land" that you seek to violate through control- it belongs to the individual owners, ONLY. Hands (and "laws") off!

But, it's about "protecting" you- or at least the local power-grabbers:
"A land use policy, Bostwick said, can help give an area some protection from federal regulations — of particular concern are those regulations that pertain to the Endangered Species Act or the Environmental Protection Agency."
So, in the name of protecting residents from the feds, you steal more false "authority" for yourselves.

What's worse: the tyrant thousands of miles away whom you can ignore without him even noticing (unless some slimy local statist wants to report you for a chance at a pat on the head), or the tyrant next door who can drive past your property every day?

"A land use policy would also allow the county control over businesses, though Bostwick insists the renewed interest has nothing to do with a recently proposed strip club."

"A land use policy allows officials to designate an area’s best use."
"Best use"? Determined by who? Not the property's owners, I am certain. What if your idea of "best use" is wrong, and yet you impose your will on me anyway, when my idea would be better? Or just as good. What if the reality is that there are many different equally good possible uses for a piece of land? Or what if I, as the owner, want to use it in a way you don't consider "best"? Well, in that case you should jump off a bridge into molten lava instead of imposing your will on the property owner.

"There are zoning opportunities in the land use policy,"

"Opportunities"? Does that mean he sees every woman as a "raping opportunity" or every car as a "theft opportunity"? That is only exciting to a control freak.

"Bostwick and Pyle said it will be the residents of Curry County who would have to help determine what the county’s best use actually is under a land use policy."

That's still socialism. Crowdsourcing evil is still evil. I have no more "right" to say what my neighbor does on his own property than does a dictator.

"We’re going to engage the public."

Is that like asking your victim if she'd prefer to be beheaded or drawn and quartered? What if "the public" just says "No!"? 

Interesting word, "engage". In war, the soldiers often say they are going to "engage the enemy"- so I guess "the public" should understand how they are viewed by these control freaks.

So, yeah, just look at how these people think. They are entitled to your property- Oh, they'll still let you "own" it so they can keep collecting the ransom ("property tax"), but the ultimate control, they believe, is theirs.

I think a wake up call for all molesters of this sort is long overdue.