Sunday, July 27, 2014

Government, like a gun, is "only a tool"

Sometimes, when I point out how evil The State is, someone will come along and make the claim that "government is just a tool, like a gun. Tools like government can't be evil, or guns could be evil, too".

Well, let's think about that a little.

If The State is "just a tool, like a gun", let's design a gun that works like The State.

You'd need to make the gun so that it can't be aimed. When fired, it sprays bullets all over the place with each shot. And, pulling the trigger results in it firing multiple times, without any real pattern or warning, firing randomly in unexpected directions when you don't expect it to. Also, this gun only fires stolen ammo.

So, if you try to shoot the possum that keeps tipping over your trash can every night, you pull the trigger once and the possum may or may not be killed, but some bullets hit your neighbor's house. Your kid standing behind you also gets one between the eyes. You go to put the gun down and it quickly fires off another fragmented round, once again going in unpredictable directions. Did that one hit anyone? Who knows, you are kneeling over your kid's body. BANG! There it goes again, without anyone even touching it.

A gun like that would be too dangerous to use except in a laboratory. Anyone using one in public would be personally liable for any and all harm that came from it.

So, yeah, just like that particular gun, government is "only a tool"- too dangerous to be used out in the world.