Monday, September 08, 2014

Martial Law

The recent events in Ferguson, Missouri- government created and government escalated events- almost resulted in martial law being declared, according to some reports.

I see martial law as a declaration of war being made by those who imagine themselves to be "government" against the people of the area. It doesn't matter what excuse is used to justify the imposition of martial law since it affects the innocent a lot more than it affects the guilty. When government employees declare they can kill people for doing things they have every right to do, it sure looks like war.

But there's another side to that.

Once someone declares war on you, you should assume that anyone associated with "that side" intends you harm, and- as a credible threat- they can be dealt with accordingly.

So, a declaration of martial law means it's "open season" on enforcers, politicians, and other government employees in the affected area (or who claim jurisdiction over that area, no matter where they may cower)- ALL government employees in the area who don't immediately quit their "job" and publicly condemn The State unconditionally are choosing their side and making themselves fair game.

I'd hate to be them.