Monday, September 22, 2014

Coddling aggressors

When is it OK to hit a woman?

Whenever- and under the same conditions- it is OK to hit a man. And, I'd say the same applies for using force against- spanking- a child.

You have no right to initiate force, and if you do, you can expect defensive force to be used against you. Grow up and accept it and don't act shocked when it happens.

Your sex/gender, age, IQ, "job", "intentions" or anything else have zero bearing on the matter. You don't wish to be struck? Don't strike first.

I understand those who say "never hit a woman" have good intentions, and they are not under any obligation to strike back, but I think they are doing women a disservice. Treating them as if they as not capable of ethical behavior, so we must overlook this sort of thing, is insulting.

Look at it this way: would you strike a woman to save the life of a kid she was beating to death? Would you shoot a woman who was aiming a gun at you or an innocent person?

I certainly hope so.

If it's OK under those circumstances (and it most certainly is OK), then it's also OK to strike a woman who is hitting you. If you are stronger and hit harder... well, an aggressor needs to take that into account before initiating force.

It doesn't mean "society" or "The Law" will agree with you, but those institutions (or the individuals claiming to represent them) are frequently falling all over themselves to align with the wrong side, anyway. Many libertarians will probably disagree, too. Every action will have consequences- accept that and be prepared to deal with them.

Stop giving aggressors a free pass because of their sex. It only encourages them.