Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Chris Kyle- coward?

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Was confessed (and proud) mass murderer Chris Kyle a "coward", as bloated collectivist moron Michael Moore asserts?

I don't know. I never met him, thank goodness.

It is quite possible to be both brave and a murderer. I think lots of murderers act brave while murdering. It doesn't make them heroes. I always hope someone will kill them in self defense or while protecting their intended victims.

Being evil doesn't preclude being brave, though.

Being a hitman for the State probably takes a lot of courage- or mind altering chemicals or brainwashing through propaganda. Especially when you must trespass, and be surrounded by people willing and able to defend themselves, in order to carry out your murders. It's still wrong.

I don't approve of the murder of Chris Kyle, either. The only legitimate death penalty is carried out at the scene of the attack by the intended victim or a rescuer. From all accounts, Kyle was not initiating force when he was killed. So, his death was murder- exactly like the revenge murders carried out by State employees in prisons across the country, and exactly like the murders Kyle bragged of committing. Still, actions have consequences and as they say "Live by the sword, die by the sword". Maybe there is something to karma.

I am disappointed, but not surprised, by the fawning worship of this despicable murderer by those inclined to worship the government military in all things.

Chris Kyle was a hitman for the mafia known as the US government, through its military. He was paid in stolen money to murder people defending themselves from aggressive invaders- in their own homes and villages. If you defend his actions it tells me what you really believe in.

Liberty or State? You can't support both.

Added- others agree with me: American Sniper, and the Murderers Hall of Infamy and AMERICAN SNIPER by Jacob G. Hornberger



  1. I hope that in the coming meltdown that someone out there who has the skill and opportunity will withhold the shot that could have saved you or a loved one. After all we would not want another murder to soil your conscience.

    1. You are confused. The accurate analogy would be a foreign murderer coming here to kill me, not a US government murderer sparing or saving me. Chris Kyle was a murderer who traveled far to kill people who are less a threat to me than his bosses.

    2. No, I'm not confused. When a bad guy with a drill terrorizes his own people by drilling holes in them to keep them quite, then what??? We should have given the bad guy free passes to Disney World and not kill him???? Obviously you have not seen the movie or read the book. You do not have a clue as to the role of our snipers. Furthermore you certainly have no clue about the enemy that we face. Do you remember that there were some buildings that fell down in New York 14 years ago??? What about the muslims who destroy everything in their wake??? Once the muslims decide to wage open jihad here then we will return to this discussion. It's only a matter of time. TICK TOCK TICK TOCK

    3. "Our snipers"? Yours, maybe; not mine.

      Bad guys initiating force are evil no matter their justification or "which side" they are claiming to work for. Those who initiate force are truly all on the same side- the side of the bad guys. Bad guys kill each other all the time as they fight over which innocents they can violate. The bad guy with a drill terrorizing "his own people" (no one owns other people- it's a collectivist notion) is evil- just like a sniper invading and murdering. Why is it better to be tortured or murdered one way rather than another?

      If you want to go to other countries, on your own dime or the voluntarily donated money of others, go right ahead. Take your chances and accept any consequences. Don't do it on my behalf, because when "blowback" happens, as it did on 9-11-2001 (perpetrated, by the way, by people with zero connection to those Chris Kyle was murdering), I don't want to share in your guilt. I will distance myself from your initiation of force.

      You do realize that Chris Kyle and the invaders of the US military make terrorism in mainland America more likely, right? If you keep sending people to other people's territories, and murdering and destroying, do you think there will be no consequences? Do you think a kid who has seen his family all murdered by US troops will just say "Oh, well. They were only getting revenge for something my family had nothing to do with. It's understandable and I appreciate their anger."? Nope. You are almost ensuring he will grow up willing to die to strike back at the bad guys who hurt him. I just hope he does a better job of discerning who the guilty party is than the US military and its fanboys have done. Let him kill troops and politicians, and not mistake Americans for US government tools. (I realize this is wishful thinking, which is why it is so important to speak out against invasion, occupation, and empire building- until it stops it puts me and my loved ones in unacceptable danger.)

      "The enemy we face". "We" is a collectivist word. My enemy is anyone initiating force or stealing- and the Muslims aren't doing that in any way that affects me personally. So, until they do, they are not my enemy- even if I hate their "culture". The State (in all its many forms) is my enemy. You are licking the hand of your true enemy simply because you have been conditioned to hate the Phantom Menace more- in order to get you to beg to be saved by those who are using you.

      There is a HUGE difference between defending your home- as I would do if jihad came here- and going around the world spreading Empire. If it happens, it will be in large part the fault of all who have continued to support the never-ending invasion and occupation and murder of people in Muslim countries. I despise Islam, but still see that the US military acts just like it, and makes it much more dangerous than it would otherwise be.

      It's so odd to me how much emphasis "conservative" state worshipers place on personal accountability with regards to individuals they love to hate- but the moment it involves facing the facts about offensive war, suddenly all that goes right out the window and it's all about collectivism and justification for whatever they approve of, and any consequences they create are unreasonable and evil. Hmmm.

  2. I have never tried to have a dialogue with anyone as clueless as yourself. You are just the kind of neighbor that would watch something happen and do nothing because it did not immediately affect you. Thankfully I'm not a family member and don't have to depend on you to defend me. Folks like you and harm's way never intersect.
    Time to move on and converse with real folks who actually have a spine.

    1. No, I'm the kind of neighbor who won't go into your house and murder you because a different neighbor assaulted someone I love. I will- and have- acted in defense of innocent people. Maybe you should learn the difference.

  3. I'm not going to attack you personally because it's impossible for me to dislike someone whose heart is so obviously in the right place. I don't know all the details about Chris Kyle, but my understanding was that he was a soldier in wartime who killed specific military/terrorist targets rather than killing random soldiers on the battlefield. His first kill was approaching a group of marines while holding a grenade. I'm not aware of him killing unarmed non-combatants (if I'm mistaken, feel free to correct me). He did this in a field of repeated military conflict and violence. He wasn't like Charles Whitman, who killed innocent people who had harmed no one. Mass murderer is a poor choice of words. If you wish to edit this article, there is no shame in that. We all make mistakes.

    1. "His first kill was approaching a group of marines while holding a grenade.

      How is that better?

      Every human has a right to own and to carry weapons ("keep and bear arms"), in spite of what enforcers of all stripes believe.

      Every human also has a right to defend his home and local surroundings. Killing a person who is "keeping and bearing arms" in defense of his home territory (an "armed combatant"?) is murder. Doing it multiple times becomes mass murder.

      "He did this in a field of repeated military conflict and violence"

      In a place he had no business being. He was trespassing. No human has a right to go to someone else's home or local surroundings and then claim "self defense" when the locals try to defend themselves.

      If I edit articles because of an error (other than a simple typo) or new information, I make note of it.

  4. There are a whole lot of comments on this snippet of a blog post- and I'm not even sure if any of the commenters have read the entire thing, which may or may not change the points of view (probably not). I realize that's the nature of these "subscriber-only" posts. Still...