Thursday, January 08, 2015

False choices

"Muslim or Christian" is just as false a choice as "Democrat or Republican". And equally as evil when you use your religion as an excuse to try to force your belief system on those who are not a part of your belief system.

Again, just like the evil of Democrapublicans.

That being said:

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  1. Religion and state have been intertwined -- joined at the hip -- from time immemorial. You've had some good essays in that regard.

    But when you think about it, it's a natural state of affairs. When the hoi polloi become restless over the state of government and/or "the economy" the religion card is abruptly presented. I strongly suspect the events of yesterday in France to be one of those false-flag tactics, always blamed upon "that religion". We are supposed to now join hands with "this" religion (and state, never forget) in opposition to "that" nebulous religion. New laws will proliferate, government "power" will expand, stronger and more egregious "gun control" will be advanced.