Tuesday, January 06, 2015

How to minimize the problems with the military

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Like America's founders, I am highly suspicious of a standing military. They are not a good idea, and are too dangerous to permit.  

The people ought to form militias, but no government can ever be trusted with a military. They just can't.  
However, ignoring how the military is financed (through theft called "taxation")- if it were used strictly for defense and never for offense, empire building, nor to "police the world" I wouldn't have so much problem with it. It really wouldn't be a force for evil anymore, other than the theft committed to fund it.  

But no state can ever resist the temptation to keep and deploy (and abuse) a military. A State will always use its military for evil, and a military is never useful for anything other than supporting and growing a State (and therefore endangering the innocent people everywhere it goes). And, they are not "our troops"; they belong only to the State and are a danger to Rightful Liberty.


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