Thursday, February 26, 2015

A snake in the grass

I hate to give this guy more views on his rather unpopular video, but when he says "Nutball 'Patriots' accuse Dave of being an undercover federal agent bent on the destruction of the 'Patriot Movement'" (in the video's description), he is talking about me.

I am not a "patriot", and I never mentioned "The Patriot Movement" in the discussion he is referring to (which I have preserved in its entirety by screen cap, for posterity). I also never sent him any private message- and suggested (in a public comment on the video) he post screen caps of any I supposedly sent him.

He is a liar on these points, so if you are listening to his advice in regards to anything else, be very careful.

I can't believe people actually recommended him to me in the past. No thanks. With "friends" like him, I don't need any aggressors.

Added- Here are the screencaps, in case you are interested and can't see them on Facebook. As usual, click to embiggen:



  1. At the risk of sounding like a Kent Fanboy.... I totally down-voted his video ^_^

    1. LOL!
      While fanboys would be nice, I'm still waiting on the promised groupies.