Saturday, February 07, 2015

Embrace the degradation?

I really pity anyone who could lower themselves enough to become a cop.

I have also observed that those who are the most degraded are often the most haughty. It doesn't make sense, but it is what it is.

Even more bizarre is how many rabid ("statid") supporters those degraded thugs have- and just how devoted they are to defending the indefensible actions of the cops they support.

The clear fact that there are no good cops, by definition, won't change their minds, because it isn't about facts. It is about feelings- a sort of religion.

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  1. Police, along with tax collectors et al., are merely normal human beings acting out their indoctrinations. They enter those "professions" as snot-nose kids wanting to tote sidearms -- and strut, and show "authority". Once they've put in time, acquire maturity, and come to see the egregiousness of what they're expected to do it's too late -- they could never elicit a salary comparable in the free marketplace, since there is very little call for violent individuals with limited education and skills. After all, they're being paid with stolen resources. That makes them the highest paid bouncers and security guards in town.

    They're stupid, easy to side-step and navigate around. Look at the "success" of the various and sundry "wars" to verify that -- drug, terror, "vice", "crime".

    So don't waste energy and emotion wailing and gnashing teeth over "police". See them as you regard a rattlesnake. Wear tall boots to the woods, ignore them, and ease on about your business. And watch before you reach. They'll slither off before they will jeopardize their image or their "safety" amongst the hoi polloi.

    The advantage you have with the snake, however -- the snake knows he's a snake. He feeds on rodents, vermin and pests.

    So if your house is rat-free, thank a snake. Sam