Thursday, February 26, 2015

Let's get this underground railroad moving

So, UPS and FedEx refuse to ship the Ghost Gunner. That's within their rights*- or the rights of the owners, anyway. (*I'm slightly dubious on the basis that they got in bed with The State by incorporating and basically becoming part of The State, but I'll ignore that objection for the moment.)

So, how to get Ghost Gunners to those who bought them? I am willing to be a station on the Ghost Gunner underground railroad. Maybe "the Ghost Railroad" would be a more appropriate name. And I offer this service without charge, simply because I think it is in my best interest to get as many of these as possible to the people who will use them.

This is something concrete I can do for liberty.

Maybe this isn't a good idea- and yes, I see potential problems. Maybe Defense Distributed doesn't need my help. I offer it anyway.

So, I am writing to Defense Distributed, offering my services. I hope lots of people are willing to join me.

(H/T to War on Guns.)



  1. You can add me to the list of staging area/delivery personnel. Time is, indeed, up!

    1. I'd recommend emailing them- or if you use Twitter, share my tweet of this post to let them know.

  2. We are willing to help also.. Let us know if you require our assistance.

    1. Email Defense Distributed and let them know- I don't have any special pull with them.