Thursday, February 05, 2015

Liberty Lines follow-up

Thinking about possible reactions and objections to my Liberty Lines column, which I wasn't able to address in the paper due to space limitations:

Maybe "convert or die" is a winning strategy. People could say that history shows the "convert or die" methods of the New World's newcomers was  pretty effective. The indigenous peoples did "convert or die"- and a lot died even after converting.

Perhaps Muslims could also defeat the rest of the world in the same way.

Indigenous Americans lost due to the invaders' superior weapons and because of imported disease. Both a result, in large part, of a lack of science in the New World culture.

Muslims attacking America is like what would have happened if indigenous Americans had tried to raid Spain. The results would have probably been much the same as happened.

Remember, Islam claims earthquakes are due to female immodesty. Not a culture with a firm grasp on how things actually are. Yes, there was a time long ago when Islam was the scientific leader of the world; when Muslims invented algebra and were the advocates of science.

That time is not now.

Imported diseases aren't going to be much of a threat- not an extinction-level threat by any means. We have modern medicine and understand basic hygiene. They don't have superior weapons or technology. All they have going for them is religious fervor and a willingness to kill and die. Yes, that can be very dangerous to individuals who get in the way, but not to the "culture" as a whole. Unless you would just roll over and submit. I won't do that, will you? I didn't think so.

Maybe you'd better get in the habit of refusing to submit to aggressive extremists now. For practice.


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  1. "Maybe you'd better get in the habit of refusing to submit to aggressive extremists now. For practice."

    Excellent, I like it! Self-defense, like charity, begins at home.