Monday, February 09, 2015

"Resisting arrest"

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The fake "crime" of "resisting arrest" is in the news because of the Don of Police in NYC wanting to make it a "felony" rather than a lesser "offense".

This is just one example why I don't want "laws" forbidding "felons" from owning guns. Too many silly "laws" have been dreamed up to make completely ethical acts "felonies".

Resisting arrest is your right. Even if you actually did something wrong. Nothing can change that.

The reality is that "resisting arrest" is usually used against people the molesting cop KNOWS didn't actually do anything wrong, to have an excuse to punish him anyway. To show him he should have simply complied with the evil (and illegal) demands of the cop.

Copsuckers normally claim you should just allow yourself to be kidnapped, and then sort it all out in court. That's as stupid as saying you should allow yourself to be raped and then take the rapist to court- a court run by rapists just like him, who are members of the same gang as your rapist.

You have an absolute human right to resist a kidnapping- even if it is called "arrest". You have the absolute human right to kill your kidnapper if he doesn't stop his attempt.

I admit, once the cop decides to molest you, you have lost. You are not coming out undamaged. No one can tell you how to act at that point. You have to decide for yourself whether you want to put yourself under the power of someone you know is a dangerous threat, so he can deliver you to his gang, or whether you want to get it over with and die on your feet while resisting his molestation.

Either way, I will remember that the cop is the true bad guy- the enemy of Rightful Liberty- even if you are also at fault.


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  1. I agree with your point of view 100%. Why is it that humans are the only thing walking the face of the earth that are duty bound (via laws) to submit???

    I have no issue with felons owning firearm.