Wednesday, February 04, 2015

She's growing

My daughter is beginning to understand the difference between "subjective" and "objective".

She will sometimes say "That color is ugly!" or something like that. I mentioned a few times that her opinion about that was subjective; that other people might think it was beautiful and neither person would be wrong.

Then I mention that things such as hitting someone who simply makes you mad, or taking something that belongs to someone else, isn't subjective- it's wrong. I have explained that's the difference between "subjective" and "objective". She does seem to be starting to catch on.

It would be (subjectively?) nice if more adults understood that difference.


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  1. You may not believe it, but this is precisely the overall central theme the late Delmar England was attempting to outline in "Insanity as the Social Norm". Except you didn't take 24 closely-spaced "word" pages to accomplish it.

    Congratulations! That's the sign of a good educator.