Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Concealed carry and responsibility

Just because I like guns, and know that the more people who own and carry them the better it is for the good guys, doesn't mean I think everyone should necessarily have a gun at every moment.

For example, I don't think cops should carry guns- they are the only people I think should be legally disarmed (since I don't think "laws" should ever be applied to anyone who isn't explicitly a part of government).

I used to know a guy who would get really drunk at the bar and then endlessly tell me about the gun in his boot (while patting the boot), and how if "anything goes down" I didn't have to worry because he was ready. Not that I believe he could have hit the target in his condition.

He also used to brag about his "permit" to carry. He often showed me his "license" and acted as if it were a really big deal.

I have no idea whether he actually had a gun in his boot- he never flashed that. I guess he did that right.

I never saw him do anything dangerous with a gun. Even if I had, it's not the State's business. But, had he pulled the gun out during any "exciting event" I would have been as worried about him as anyone else.

The first rule of concealed carry is don't advertise. Don't people know what "concealed" means? Maybe he only talked to me about it, but I doubt it. Someone else might have used his talk against him.

Second, if you are drunk, you are quite possibly a bigger danger if you pull out your gun than whatever you think you would be protecting others from.

It all comes down to responsibility. You are responsible for what you do- good or bad. So weigh your actions carefully. Yes, I want you to be armed at all times. But if you are compromised, it might be best if you aren't. Either way, the State has no authority.



  1. Very well put. I'm no gun nut, but it's none of the government's business if law abiding people carry firearms. It tries to do way too much and doesn't do much of it very well.

  2. If you want to go bar hopping or just get drunk at one place, leave your heater at home.

  3. I'd rather deal with drunks carrying firearms than someone telling me where I can and can't carry mine.