Sunday, March 08, 2015

"Private, for-profit" man cages

"Private, for-profit" prisons are just as bad as their State-run twins. First of all, they are not "private" since they depend utterly on the criminal-creating State for their existence and profits.

Anything run by the State is bad, because it is completely dependent upon theft and aggression. That needs to be said right up front.

If your "profit" relies on actions of the State, it is just as bad.

When the "private" effort is just as evil as the State effort, it's a good sign what you are doing simply shouldn't be done.

That's not saying there couldn't be any possibility of a prison in a free society- a man cage which never takes any operating funds from anyone against their will, never sinks to enforcing any counterfeit "rules", and is subject to restitution when it injures an innocent person or goes "too far" in punishing the guilty. I would still never support such a place, but you might.

But that isn't what "private, for-profit" prisons are.

Plus they use the force of the State to make sure they have lots of prisoners. They are always mounting about the biggest lobbying efforts against ending the stupid and evil War on Politically Incorrect Drugs, just for one example of their evil.

They are scummy institutions and need to die.



  1. Here was a recent Daily Bell editorial covering the"private police force" phenomenon:

    "Private" police (when in cahoots with psychopaths of state) and "private" penitentiaries are equally evil when yoked with agents of state. Sam

    1. I recently commented on a story about a town which had disbanded its police and hired a private security force. I mentioned that if I lived in that town I would choose to opt out of that one, too. I was treated like a lunatic and lectured about how "private" is always superior. Nope. Sorry. It's not about The State- it's about theft and aggression. The State is not alone in using those evil methods, and if a town "government" (a State) hires a "private" security company and pays them with stolen loot, and expects them to enforce counterfeit rules, they are identical to what was before. A difference which makes no difference is not different.