Sunday, March 22, 2015


If something shouldn't be done at all, it isn't better to privatize it.

Tax collecting, policing, or helping government in any way is evil. You wouldn't praise privatized executions or rape. Why praise privatized statism?

I was scolded a while back for not being enthusiastic at a Texas town's decision to shut down its police department and replace them with a private security force- one which did the exact same things that make police the bad guys: paid through theft, enforcing counterfeit rules, violating person and property. A difference which makes no difference isn't different, and certainly isn't an improvement.

Try again.

It's a sign of the deep indoctrination to believe the function of "policing" is so necessary that if government doesn't do it, you have to replace that function with something indistinguishable. Abolish the police and replace them with nothing... nothing but a universally armed populace.
Added: From "oooorgle" in comments comes this video. Watch it and see if you can figure out (without reading my comment response) why this wouldn't bother me, and why they wouldn't be what I am against.



  1. I have advocated private policing for years. It is not private but rather public to have government employee the police. Paying to hire them myself, and firing them myself if they fuck up is private, as exampled here:

    1. I don't see Threat Management enforcing any counterfeit rules, which is the majority of what police do. As long as they don't (and most examples of "privatized police I have seen, do), then they are truly different from police. And, as long as I can pay and fire individual privatized police, them I'm OK with it in principle. And, by that I mean (at a minimum), if I can keep the service I pay for, but refuse association with a particular employee I have reason to not trust, or can opt out of the service completely, then it is also different enough from police that it isn't what I'm talking about here.

      What I am talking about are those "privatized police" who keep enforcing compliance with traffic laws, rather than actual dangerous driving issues, enforce drug "laws", anti-gun "laws", property codes and all the rest, and issue "tickets" and collect "fines". That is simply unacceptable.

    2. You mean contractors right? The main difference is the government pays an outside crony NGO or corporation to do what the government usually does itself.
      Mandate that the private charity Red Cross maintain a blood supply, or else. Use Blackwater instead of regular services. Pay the lowest bidder to build roads instead of hiring government employees do the work. Pay an aerospace contractor to provide fighter jets.
      It's still just top down government economics, but some people are fooled into believing its some kind of hybrid, or partially free market. Which of course it isn't.

  2. There's an effort to equate the so-called "private" prisons, and how awful they are, with "private" everything. That's how far away from reality the statists have to go.

    The prisons aren't "private" at all, they are paid for and stocked by government. Putting someone in a cage should never be a profit motive, it should always be a _cost_, so it's done less, not more.

    Looking at the "policing for profit" that is going on now, the only change needed would be to repeal Sovereign Immunity once and for all. Any cop, govt or private, who hits someone should know they are liable for assault. Every one, every time, just like everyone else.

    1. That would be a good first step.

      I recommend watching the video oooorgle mentions in his comment above for private policing that is very, very different than what is usually called "privatized policing".