Tuesday, April 14, 2015

"Law abiding taxpayer"

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"Law abiding taxpayer" is a really perverted term. When someone claims to be one, what they are really bragging about is the "honor" of being a compliant victim of theft and bullies.

Why brag about something that pathetic?

You might as well brag about being a cowardly back-stabber.

I understand why people pay the extortion called "taxes". Extortion works, otherwise thugs would find something else to try. But, be ashamed you were robbed, not proud of it.

And since "laws" are ALL either unnecessary or harmful, there is no honor in being "law abiding" either.

Don't initiate force. Don't violate the property of others. Those are things you can really be proud of- be a ZAP abiding property respecter, not a proudly compliant victim.


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