Sunday, April 05, 2015

Wedding cakes and other horrifying cultural disasters

Here's a suggestion which should- I repeat, should- make everyone happy and end the Great Gay Wedding Cake Battles.

On the part of the customer: Order the cake.

On the part of the baker: Bake and decorate the cake, leaving off any bride or groom figurines. Offer figurines for sale at the counter, separately and individually.

On the part of the customer: Buy the cake. Buy figurines of whatever gender or number and stick them in the icing of the cake in whatever arrangement makes you happy.

The end.

Yeah, I know. Everyone wants their choices validated by making them public and obnoxious. This peaceful solution doesn't satisfy that need.



  1. How about a business makes whatever kind of cake the owner wishes for whomever the owner wishes and any customer who isn't satisfied takes their business elsewhere. If I want to cater only to black lesbian one legged Jewish midgets with the clap and turn everyone else away, that's my business and the market will dictate whether or not I stay i business. If I want to ban only one demographic, black, white, hispanic, male, female, democrat, republican, old, young, Jewish, Christian, Muslim, Scientologists, whatever, that's also my business. The Civil Rights act should only apply to the government, not individuals.

    1. I totally agree. But the whole thing is just so silly. As long as a potential customer isn't attacking or stealing, I'll probably choose to take their money and give them my best service. Of course, cops have never been exactly welcome in my businesses in the past- I can't trust a person whose entire existence revolves around theft and aggression. I never shunned them, I just didn't bend over backwards to worship them like some businesses I've seen.