Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Get a (legitimate) job

If you work for government you do not have a legitimate job. Sorry if that offends you, but it's just what is. In that case your "job" probably shouldn't even exist, but even if it should, it still shouldn't be financed with theft.

A job at a corporation isn't the optimal job, either, but at least no corporations can (yet) force people to do business with them (even though the very nature of corporations mean they are in bed with "the State" and manipulate its "laws" to their advantage, and to the disadvantage of their competitors). Doing honest work at a corporation is still better than any "job" working directly for government at any level.

I'm not saying my "job" is the greatest or perfect, either. I write and then hope, without any guarantees, someone will "buy" a product I put out there without any strings attached. I know there are more stable ways to earn money, but I never coerce anyone to pay for what I write (although I do sometimes beg and plead). Even the newspaper approached me, rather than the other way around. Unlike every other job I have had, I never feel guilty about what I do.

It still comes back to the fact that a "government" job, paid through "taxation", is not a legitimate job.  Not government school teachers, cops, social workers, librarians, bureaucrats, mayors, government secretaries... whatever. Not even if you are the most helpful and otherwise honest person in town.  It is equal to the worst possible ways to get money.

If working for government is a legitimate job, then so is armed robbery.



  1. Even a small loving family has "force" on people. Sometimes it is desirable to live alone.

    1. If it's a loving family, the force will not be so lopsided, though. And the force, if initiated, can be pointed out and corrected.
      If it is lopsided, or if initiated force isn't corrected when pointed out, I don't see that as "loving".
      Yes, it can sometimes be desirable to live alone. It's better than living with Nemesis. Alone is OK; lonely is horrible.

    2. Ted thrived while living alone.
      A pet can relieve loneliness.