Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Hating bad guys for their actions, not for who they are

Recently Nemesis was manning a cash register when the local "police chief" came through her line. Somewhere in the small talk pleasantries he mentioned that he knows I don't like him.

Amazingly, Nemesis got it right. She told the cop I don't hate him, just his job*.

Yes. He could quit his "job" today and I wouldn't have any issue with him at all. And I doubt he would ever find himself seriously at odds with me, either. Since, as everyone does, he either lives "libertarian" in his personal life, or he is recognized as a bad guy and opens himself up to self defensive violence.

I don't believe in "authority", and that's all his "job" depends on. He is nothing but a bully as long as he holds that "job", no matter how "nice" he may be (and, apparently, he isn't really that nice).

*She also told him not to judge her by me- which I consider a good thing.



  1. Philip Zambardo (see, Stanford Prison Experiment) argued that it is a formalized system which mandates obedience to an authoritarian system which is the cause of objectionable behaviors in such instances as LEO contacts with citizens. If one were to believe that, they should expect to see 'good' cops covering for 'bad' cops, reassignment of those cops who won't play along, or a higher rate of disability among LEOs.

    But, it occurs to me that if is identified that training (POST academy and OJT) should be modified to mimic, say English bobbies, then the disarming of LEO would constitute an argument for amendment/abolishment of the 2A. Basically, 'if cops can't have guns, neither should the citizens'. Be careful what we wish.

    However, I am very informed that indeed there do exist cops on a irrational power trip. Those need to be disqualified yet it is the systemic tolerance of those which is the real problem.

    There exists an opposite paradigm. We can hope for better but the reality is what happens is no enforcement. I live near Los Angeles where the lack of enforcement is readily apparent. On one hand that's great because it results in a lessened expectation of being detained. Yet as real is the creation of the condition which allows evil minded thugs to thrive. If it be any form of anarchy to be desired, one best get busy with policing themselves and others for evil is real. And that puts us right back where we started.

    Want to know the real, true answer? It is found in a virtuous society.

    1. Also, the Stanford Prison Experiment shows that the design of the system will turn even good people into monsters. You can't prevent it.

      Cops were originally required to not be armed while on the job- if we are to tolerate cops, that way needs to be adopted again. Back then, if a cop needed armed support, he was to turn to the armed people around him. This would solve almost all the problems inherent in having both a badge and a gun.

      Unfortunately, your example of "no enforcement" in LA is just an example of too much government.

      Yes, evil is real, and the worst of it concentrates in those who believe in "authority", and intend to have some for themselves. Whether by joining the government gang, or going freelance. The only solution to that is to NEVER be disarmed, and to be willing to defend yourself and others.

    2. "Society" can't be virtuous. Or evil. It is up to individuals. Up to me, and to you. Society is a group effect, not a thing. If YOU reject the initiation of force, and refuse to excuse those who aggress and steal, then you have done your part. If you give aggressors and thieves leeway, because of a belief in "authority", you are part of the problem. There is no Utopia, but there is immensely better.

  2. For in wanting to be left alone by men with authority the condition becomes an allowance for black hearted thugs to have their way and with abandon. Okay, so perhaps those are polar opposites and a middle ground does exist.

    What does that look like, how do you achieve it, and once achieved how to perpetuate it? My answer is 'an armed society is a polite society'.
    T. Jefferson intoned, "Rightful liberty is unobstructed action according to our will within limits drawn around us by the equal rights of others. I do not add 'within the limits of the law' because law is often but the tyrant's will, and always so when it violates the rights of the individual."

    Long live liberty!

    1. "Authority" doesn't exist. There are bullies and there are those who aren't.

      "Black hearted thugs" will only have their way "with abandon" if you and I allow it. It has nothing to do with allowing a competing gang to exist.

      Yes, an armed society- universally armed with armed individuals who asked no one for permission- and Rightful Liberty is the best world possible. It may take a while, but you can do your part right this minute.