Monday, June 01, 2015

What is the point of "laws"?

Trying to look at it from the perspective of misguided people who think "laws" are necessary, or even good, I believe they would claim:

The point of laws:
To protect people and their property.
To maintain community standards.
To provide a framework for justice.

I think it is quite clear that "laws" fail on every point. They are the greatest threat to person and property- much greater than freelance threats which you can end with a gunshot.

They quite often violate "community standards"; instead imposing what a few people want to pretend are the "community standards".

And, "laws" have zero to do with justice. They are instead about revenge. If justice happens under them, it is purely by accident.

The vast majority of "laws" violate life, liberty, and property. And are set up specifically to prevent "pursuit of happiness". They give enforcers the excuse to trespass, molest, kidnap, rob, and murder, and pretend to make it wrong for you to do anything about it. I would be happier in a lawless society- and you probably would, too. I can take care of myself, and I am willing to help others do the same. I would hope "you scratch my back and I'll scratch yours", but I don't necessarily expect it. "Laws" get in the way of civilization.

"Laws" are worse than worthless; they are a disaster and a danger.



  1. You made the claim that "laws have zero to do with justice". You have neglected to support your claim by explaining what if anything does produce justice.

    1. When someone initiates force against another's life or property and the intended victim successfully defends from the attack - that is the 'essence' of justice.

    2. Restitution can often provide justice (but not always, since in the case of some things, justice is impossible). And, yes, killing your attacker during the attack, or to prevent property violation, is justice. Taking back property which was taken from you is justice. But the "laws" often prevent justice, explicitly. Quite often they even violate the victim on top of the original violation- such as when, through "taxation", the victim is robbed to pay for the cops, courts, prisons, etc. Any justice found through "law" is accidental at best.

    3. I am very much in favor of vigilantism, blood feuds, etc. They produce little collateral damage compared to law enforcement and wars.