Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Choices and shame and who cares?

A while back I saw where someone had said that even suggesting "homosexuality is a choice" is "homophobic".

That is crazy.

If anyone says it either never, or always, is a choice they are lying. No one knows that either way. I suspect it is sometimes genetic, beyond choice, and other times is a choice. If someone is pushing one or the other as the only truth it is because they have an agenda, and want "laws" dreamed up depending on how they want reality to be.

Someday, maybe, it will be settled as to whether it is or is not (mainly) a choice.

But who cares?

I am only ashamed of my choices if they are wrong, foolish, or stupid. I am pleased with many of my choices and ashamed of others.

And either way, choice or not, I'm not going to suggest that people be punished for, or "laws" passed against, non-aggressive choices. That would be evil.


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