Saturday, July 25, 2015

Disgusting cowards

I get really disappointed by the disingenuousness of people.

They'll say they "respect" libertarian ideas- and then show they don't even slightly "get it".

They'll confuse the Libertarian Party for libertarians, or- horrors- mistake "Constitutionalism" for libertarianism. Even worse than that are those who equate libertarian for "conservative", rather than realizing they are opposites- just as "liberal/progressive" is also the polar opposite of libertarian.

They'll claim they like libertarian ideas, but then hide from the truth of those ideas. They want a watered down version they can feel safe with. One that doesn't touch their beloved slavery and theft, and one that doesn't point out that their heroes are parasitic vermin. One that doesn't upset the status quo.

In other words, they "like" a "libertarianism" which rejects libertarianism.

They'll complain endlessly about the consequences that happen directly because of belief in "authority" and of rejecting the only possible ethical life- living in Rightful Liberty (while missing the fact that this is why what they complain about occurs)- but are too scared to actually do anything meaningful about it.

Those people make me sick.



  1. Here's one; When you explain how government systematically violates rights, and they respond with "I disagree.", if you're stating opinion and not facts.

    These are the people who organize to violate and enslave you, who will teach their children to violate and enslave your children. They cannot be reasoned with. They are more than sickening. Do I need to say it again?

    God, I wish I had an arsenal of weapons to kill about 6 billion people. It would be so nice to be free to mind my own business without the worry of the state violating me, to know my children will live free.

    1. If you do start killing statists, start with the political ones. I believe most statists are "soft statists"- they go with the flow, and never consider anything else because they have never thought about it. Once the political statists are gone, they'll follow whatever is left.

      If it turns out I am wrong, you can clean up the rest.

    2. At best, I may be able to provoke a few million religi-tards into chaos, which wouldn't kill nearly enough people. Thus it would be a waste of time as it would not actually fix it. So I won't be killing anyone until I can kill 6+ billion.

      As far as politicians go, they are aware of my position with regard to religi-tards, and seem to be playing it for whatever it is worth to them. So far, they've been doing shit like parroting what I say on blogs and in chat rooms. They play along by finding a clever way of inserting what I say(almost verbatim) into speeches and legal actions.

      This is one reason why I talk about killing government officials. I also contradict myself a lot. It makes it difficult for them to play their stupid games.

      I agree with you that many statists are simply going with the flow, doing what they've been taught is 'right'. And I do sympathize with them (I was once like that myself). But the Bottom Line is that they are doing what they are. They either stop or help to violate and enslave everyone. If they cannot be reasoned with to stop, the answer is to act in defense. If someone steals your car, does it change anything if they're doing it to feed their crack habit or their children?

      Further, I don't plan on hanging out on this planet for much longer. So it is all kind of moot anyway.

    3. "God, I wish I had an arsenal of weapons to kill about 6 billion people. It would be so nice to be free to mind my own business without the worry of the state violating me, to know my children will live free."

      This statement sounds like the US foreign policy right now. Are you Dick C. or Rumsfeld? You are as bad as they are.

    4. The 6 billion you refer to are no more guilty than you are for the mess we are in. The powers-that-be love slave-on slave blaming and violence. You serve them. Are they paying you, tool?

    5. '(I was once like that myself)'....
      Gee, it seems no stole your chance to "evolve", if that's what you want to call it. WAAAAA! Give me my binky, sniffle, sniffle. The world isn't perfect so I have to profess my childish homicidal feelings. Climb down off your cross you butthurt freedom-loving poser.

    6. Everyone has a right to defense, whether it be against a single individual violating your rights, or 6 billion organizing to do so.

      It is not my fault you cannot tell the difference between wrong and right. If I get the opportunity to kill billions before they can figure out how to live without violating the rest of us, I will not hesitate to do so, nor will I feel guilty or unethical.

      Instead of ridicule, why not argue how people do not have a right to defense, or how people do have a right to violate? It is because you cannot. Presuming you're statists, you're just regular ignorant pieces of shit who deserve to die with the rest.

  2. Plain and simple, if your message is misunderstood, misinterpreted, or just plain ol the people don't get it, it's because you aren't clear in your message. You're a writer, batter up!

    Conversely blaming others, saying you are sick of them, is hardly conducive to even the viability of what you're all about. It's Comm 101, sender and the receiver. It's your blog, you have the con, but you, by extension, 'we', don't have the luxury of selectively choosing our reality. Set it right or something....

    1. I doubt most of those I am speaking of have ever read much (if anything) I have written.

    2. Blame Kent for the stupidity and evil acts of others? What kind of backwards 'logic' is that?

      Kent does an EXCELLENT job of explaining liberty. There is nothing lacking in what he espouses or how he does so. Kent is part of the solution.