Sunday, July 26, 2015

Disregard for others

Total disregard for others irritates me.

I am not talking about "offending" others, but doing things that are likely to be harmful. Often intentionally.

  • Walking in front of moving cars because seeing the fear on a driver's face amuses you- as I have heard teens discussing doing for "fun". 

  • Breaking glass bottles where you know kids play. 

  • Scattering gravel, intentionally, on a concrete surface knowing it is likely to make people slip and fall.

And that applies also to actual drunk driving (not what enforcers generally find and punish as "drunk driving", but real drunk driving).

Things done because you either simply don't care what happens to other people- maybe you tell yourself they deserve it- or because you enjoy knowing people will be hurt.

Some people use folks like these as reasons they say a free society can never work. Yet, if a police state prevented this, why is it happening?

Nothing will ever make a perfect world. The innocent will always need to be defended. Bad guys will always need to be defended against. Property will always be violated. But why support a "system" where these abuses are institutionalized rather than seen for what they are?

Support for the state is also total disregard for others. It's like dumping garbage in people's living rooms on a massive scale. More damaging than any of the examples I gave above.

Polluting my life and the lives of those around me with your filthy, aggressive bullies wearing their silly State costumes, is a horrible way to behave toward others.



  1. Humans are biochemical machines with individual with free will. Our DNA dictates that we're inclined to be selfish, that many of our free choices are about pleasing the self.

    When you combine that with stupid it acts as a recipe for conflict and failure, as parties only see the possible self-win outcome instead of the win/win outcome. The outcome often ends with win/lose or lose/lose where a win/win could exist if they were only more conscious of it.

    This is the root reason why the world is so fuct up.

  2. Most vandalism, and a lot of other mindless anti-social behavior, seems to be performed by juveniles. Perhaps the frustration over being forcibly institutionalized is the root of this.
    Peacefully parent and shield your children from mindless authoritarianism. Model consistent loving, productive, and creative behavior and it will come naturally for your children to do the same. Be a nurturer and a thoughtful steward of your surroundings. In my experience, setting the good example effects more positive change than all the preaching, begging, bribing, or threatening in the world will do.