Monday, July 20, 2015

Don't doom yourself to failure

Any plan that hinges on changing other people will fail. It will lead to frustration and, quite possibly, anger.

It's why "restore the Constitution", "learn to use the law", and "remember to say these words" are hopeless fantasies for increasing liberty. It is wishful thinking bordering on magical thinking.

It's also why the ZAP and Rightful Liberty work- you are responsible for yourself. Any change needed is inside you. And since you are the only person you can change...

Perhaps by changing yourself, others will be influenced. If not, you have still changed for the better. You will see the world differently. You will have a new way of acting and reacting. You will be a better person.



  1. Fuck what they think.

    Because they insist on violating everyone, because they cannot be reasoned with to correct it, because flight is not an option, it boils down to two choices; submit or fight. Thus (if you value liberty) the answer is to kill them all, let god sort them out.

    We do indeed have the natural inalienable right to kill billions of people, as it qualifies as an act of defense.

    So... what is the most efficient means of killing billions of statists?

    1. "[K]ill them all, let god sort them out" is exactly what they do, and why they are the bad guys. You don't have a right to harm the innocent- and make no mistake, there are lots of innocent out there among the guilty. "Collateral damage" is statistspeak for murder.

      Yes, you have a right to self defense that no "law" can ever take away. And, yes, those who initiate force and property violations deserve what they get. But don't become one of them just because you are frustrated and can't figure out how to solve it without becoming them.

    2. I said statists, not innocents.

    3. You also said "kill them all, let god sort them out". If they are initiating force or property violations, there is no sorting necessary; if sorting is necessary, that means you recognize some weren't guilty.

      What about the ignorant quasi-statists? I have discovered there are more of those than the real statists. People who have never given it any thought because no one around them has made them question the status quo. I am always willing to at least give this type the choice to continue or change. And then I still don't believe in killing someone who isn't engaged in aggression or property violations at this moment. That's revenge, which I oppose.

    4. What about them? I don't care what they think about it. It is about what they do. What they do is violate.

      There are billions of people who actively organize to systematically violate and enslave everyone. They do not have that right. Their victims have a right to defense. It is that simple. As a courtesy, libertarian minded people have been trying to explain it and plead to change it for hundreds/thousands of years to obvious no avail.

      Unless you have a means of leaving the planet for a better one, you have to either submit yourself and family/progeny to violence and enslavement, or fight it. You rationalize justifying submission because defensive genocide is unpalatable.

      I don't. I think of how to kill them all as a means of correction rather than just sit here and talk about how fuct up it is or fool myself with the idea that I can change their minds.

    5. Genocide isn't unpalatable- it is evil. It makes you just as bad as the ones you hate. The choice is not between submission and genocide. That's a false dichotomy.

      In any genocide, the majority of the dead were doing nothing to deserve death. They die simply because of who they are, not because of what they are doing. Perhaps your choice of words doesn't really reflect what you are advocating.

      If someone is currently violating you and you kill them, I will defend what you did, even though I recognize it may not have been the smartest course- because you won't likely survive. If that doesn't matter to you, then by all means go ahead. Personally I don't think Liberty needs any more martyrs.

      Now, if you could invent something where anyone who initiates force in your presence, or violates property near you, instantly drops dead, I would help fund it as much as possible, and possibly buy one. But genocide? Never. (I'm not sure what you are advocating qualifies as "genocide" anyway, since I don't think there is any statist ethnicity- it seems to be non-genetic.)

    6. Here is my rationale for justifying 'genocide':

      Statism works on the same basic principle as serial gang rape. At it's core it is a group of people organizing to violate others.

      You can't talk them out of it because they're brainwashed barbaric and stupid. You can't escape it because it is global. Submission is unacceptable because evil is unacceptable. Reason, submission and flight ain't happening. What's left is defense.

      ...defense against an clear present threat billions of people strong, thus the answer is to kill billions. If there were four of them of them going around trying to force bullshit on paper, it wouldn't be genocide. They just happen to be an exceptionally large gang. Genocide is the closest word I can think of to describe the killing of billions of statists, although I don't consider it murder but rather self defense.

      Go try to tell the government to make a law prohibiting the use coercion and violence to enforce an edict, to only allow the use of force to protect citizens from a clear and present danger to their life or property, ..or making a provision allowing claiming yourself family and property as sovereign territory not subject to their laws. Tell them to completely abolish those departments and offices that create a mega spy/police state.

      Ridiculous notion it is to think of government in any other way but senseless and belligerent. It has to be destroyed forcefully. It is made up of billions. So, kill them all, let god sort them.

      ...or bend over, spread your cheeks and offer your children to them like a prison bitch.

  2. A group of people a few streets over from wherever you live get together and form a homeowners association to better manage their street full of homes. Then one day they decide to start expanding to include other streets. They arrange meetings and cooperate with others to organize things like infrastructure and rules to have what they feel is a better life.

    But what happens is that some neighbors don't agree. They peacefully decline the parameters of the association and agree not to bother them or prevent them from living by their standards. That isn't good enough for the association though. They insist everyone living within a certain boundary comply with donating time and money as well as allow their property and persons be subject to the standards of the association.

    They get together and vote on a person who says magic ceremonial words. That person writes down on paper all the things everyone must do to please them and all the property owed to them, then signs it and sends it to be passed around and signed by others. Then they hire a private investigator to drive around the neighborhood spying on people to see who doesn't comply with their edicts and a group of armed gangsters who kidnap and/or shoot people for noncompliance.

    They demand that your children and wife strip naked and be searched before leaving the neighborhood. They demand that you only ingest their recommendations, that you maintain strict standards of health. They demand you put cameras and microphones in your home to be monitored by them. They demand your yard be cut 3 times a week. They demand you pay them to allow you to live on the property you paid for. They demand you pay them to organize construction projects they decide are best for you. They demand you only shop at certain stores in certain areas that only stock what is allowed by them. They demand you pay extra high prices for it. They demand you pay for armored vehicles and firearms to force other streets into submission and/or murder whole families or multiple families.

    What do you do? You organize and kill them all, that's what. They're violating everyone.

    Organize with all the others that don't agree with their bullshit, then stalk each and every one of them and kill them like animals. Flash-mob their homes, shoot everyone inside and burn it down. ...and do it before they get too big to stop them.