Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Police culture

The police have a "culture". An uncultured culture of entitlement and brutality.

An aggressive gang culture where they cover up the evil actions of their gang "brothers" and "sisters".

A whiny culture where if they don't get the groveling respect they believe they are entitled to, they'll tell you they hope you or your loved ones get raped and robbed so you'll believe you need them- or they'll do it to you themselves.

Or kill you.

To me, cops and their culture are completely unacceptable. They are unwelcome in my presence. I can't really understand why anyone tolerates them.

Oh wait... yes I do. Indoctrination, through TV and kinderprison.


1 comment:

  1. Cops work for judges and politicians who work for voters and rich people. Billions of our neighbors organize to systematically violate us with standing orders. They cannot be reasoned with to create peace because they disagree with reality. Their reasons are not my responsibility. Their actions are my problem. My responsibility is to protect/defend my rights.

    Talkin' 'bout it ain't werkin'. ...can't/shouldn't accept it, ..can't reason with it, ..can't make peace with it. Kill them all, let god sort them.

    Now, can someone please tell me where to find an arsenal of WMD's? I need to defend myself against several billion people.