Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Polishing a bully

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Are you sad when a rapist is killed by his intended victim? Or when a known murderer dies in a car wreck? How about when a burglar dies while stealing? No?

Then why be sad when self-important bullies and thieves who happen to wear badges or other state costumes suffer the same fate?

I have a suspicion it's the uniform. By "uniform" I am including all the trappings- the "idiot rug" haircut, badge, clothing, and attitude of entitlement. Including the "aura" of "authority" that is carefully manufactured by those who use the uniformed tools against you.

I have come to believe you could take any random bully or thief off the street- without changing his behavior in any way- give him an idiot rug, dress him in a neat uniform complete with metal trinkets and possibly ribbons, convince him he is entitled to automatic respect and obedience, and people would fall all over themselves worshiping him. And hating those who point out exactly what he really is.

Government schooling is probably largely responsible- it removes critical thinking ability from most kids and replaces it with magical thinking of a type that equates "uniform" with "OMG! He's gorgeous" or "Look at how dignified he is. He served!"

Kinderprison equals 12-plus years of indoctrination to view them as "heroes" who are "necessary for freedom" and who are "keeping you safe"; it almost guarantees that outcome in the vast majority of people who go through the system.

I see their acts for what they are: the acts of a bully who feels entitled to your gratitude as he's violating your life, liberty, and property.

That's why I can't mourn when their chickens come home to roost.

Good riddance to bad trash!.

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