Thursday, July 02, 2015

Theft, enforced with death threats

If there isn't an individual I can point to and say "He was killed strictly because he didn't pay a tax", does that mean "taxes" are not enforced by the threat of death?

Of course not.

The penalty for violating any "law" is always death, even if it no one has (yet) been murdered for violating each and every "law" there is. But that's simply because most people submit before it gets to the point of murder.

Make no mistake, bullies calling themselves "government" will keep escalating the violence until you comply or die. Most people comply before they die. The ones who don't get called bad names by the quislings among us, and are said to "deserve it"- and the fact that they died due to enforcement of "laws" will be covered over and ignored.

Remove the threat and how many "laws" would you obey? The threat to "arrest" me is meaningless if I can refuse to be kidnapped, and be left alone after refusing. It is only the knowledge that the vermin of the Blue Line Gang will keep escalating the situation to the point of murder that makes the threat of "arrest" a motivation.

I know the "penalty" for stepping onto the surface of the moon, unprotected by a specialized pressure suit, is also death. No one has ever suffered that fate in the whole history of human existence. Does that mean the threat is imaginary? Not at all.

Ignore reality if it makes you happy, but don't be surprised that your cries, when consequences come to call, go ignored.



  1. Exactly!

    When government conjures up an edict, it functions as a standing order. It's as if to say 'It will be". But reality is a product of God. And God's will simply is. What is according to reality and what is according to government are different and antithetical. Government fights reality, thus God' will. Government plays God.

    How does it do that? ...with guns and paper, 'special magic words' and funny clothes. But guns and paper, 'special magic words' and funny clothes don't make 'is'. Reality 'is' because God says it 'is'. In order to try to make it 'is', it must control the entire process from 'is' by force. It cannot function without ultimate force and control. As soon as a law is passed, it is an open threat to all of reality and anything antithetical to it's edict.

    It's not even real. It's like passing a law saying the dynamics of the physics of light must change, or that the weather must conform to what is written on paper. Biological beings are no different. We do what our DNA says, which is to be human.

    Passing laws saying that humans will be A, when reality and nature says they will be B, is like passing a law saying cats must walk together in single file when traveling together.

    How do you do that? ...round them up and duct tape them to a 2x4?

  2. Sad thing is, most people are so compliant that they never once make them "show the gun". They pretend it's not there, and in this way they can avoid addressing their own cowardice.
    Come on folks, if you must be enslaved at least be a slow, dumb, clumsy, sullen and resentful slave that is more cost and trouble to your masters than you are worth to them. Make like the deaf-and-dumb roman soldiers in The Life of Brian. Filibuster the state with lack of understanding, inaccessability (I never got it in the mail, was it certified?), and expand the art of plausible deniability to dimensions yet unseen.
    The fully compliant never learn that most of the cattle-grates that fence them in are painted on. As often as not when you call the bullies bluff nothing happens. When good people make them show the gun, we force our neighbors to see the gun that they so slavishly seek to avoid. Well thought out passive resistance is the answer.

  3. "Well thought out passive resistance is the answer."

    That would require a complete rejection of government by unanimous global demand. There are too many stupid selfish brainwashed statist ideologues for that to be feasible or realistic.

    Everything government does boils down to violent force. You cannot reason with it. The answer is retaliation. It is just. It is defense.

    1. Are you currently engaged in armed retaliation? No. I thought not. Until the time is such that armed rebellion does not amount to suicide, perhaps passive resistance is the least we can all do. Passive forms of resistance do not preclude adopting new tactics as circumstances dictate. Passive resistance is the opposite of aiding and abetting our common enemy, the state. The state is weaker when we are less compliant. The example of being non-compliant with authorities many demands emboldens more people to do the same. This is of value and the cost and risk of it are minimal compared to those of armed rebellion.
      "That would require a complete rejection of government by unanimous global demand. There are too many stupid selfish brainwashed statist ideologues for that to be feasible or realistic"

      You are wrong about this. Everyone can do this, to varying degrees. You can do it right now. I am not saying: "be passive at all times, as a matter of principle". Think of it as softening them up for whatever may come later. But hey, don't let me get in your way hero. Go see what violence gets you.