Sunday, July 05, 2015

This blog is biased!

This blog is biased against slavery, theft, the superstitious belief in "authority", bullies, and anti-liberty bigots.

This blog is biased toward Rightful Liberty, responsibility, and individualism.

I never claim to be "unbiased" like some liars in the "mainstream media" do.

Every source of information is biased, as is every opinion (which seems so self evident it shouldn't need to be said) published anywhere.

If you want "unbiased" go find a sasquatch riding a unicorn and ask him. Otherwise, figure out what the bias is, and read with that in mind.



  1. Authorities and bullies are not superstitious beliefs. If they pull a gun or a law on you, they can cause harm to you. You can use tactics to avoid or minimize this harm.

    1. "Authority" is a superstition. Bullies are often people who use the superstitious belief in "authority" to cause you harm without you defending yourself- if they call themselves "authorities" they are even admitting their illegitimacy. The thing to remember is that they are bad guys, no matter what they claim their justification is. It just so happens that "authority" is the most popular justification for bad guys, and when people drop the superstition they may actually begin to see them for what they actually are. Nothing but bullies. They can't have "authority" because it doesn't- it can't- exist.