Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Today’s rules violate natural law

Today’s rules violate natural law

(My Clovis News Journal column for July 31, 2015)

I don’t want the “law” applied to everyone equally, not when the “law” violates rightful liberty. What I want is for no one to have their liberty violated by any law whatsoever.

If one neighbor is being harassed for the height of her grass, and another — who has the right connections — is being ignored, I don’t want the one with connections to be molested, too.  I want both left alone.

If one person is being targeted for keeping chickens against the rules, I don't want them forced into compliance with disgusting rules, I want the rules abolished or universally ignored, since everyone should be able to use their property as they see fit. Just as important, I don't want the hypocrites of the city to get rid of their poultry at the parks; I want them to leave everyone else's poultry alone.

If my enemy is issued a citation because his car's license is expired, or because he has "out of state plates", I don't want the guy several blocks over who is "guilty" of the same infraction to also get a ticket, I want both left alone.

A "law" which violates your right to live as you see fit, earning money however you wish, using your property as it best serves you- as long as you don't violate the person or property of another- is not a real law. It is only a counterfeit rule. It shouldn't be enforced against anyone, no matter who their friends are or what connections they have. No matter who complains about them.

Counterfeit rules look like real laws. They are written in legalese by lawyers, recorded in rule books kept in courthouses, enforced by police, judged by judges, and imposed on people through the threat of violence. Supposedly without regard for person or position. Yet they lack the legitimate foundation of Natural Law. Instead of protecting life, liberty, and property, as Natural Law always must, they violate one or more of those in some way.

Real law doesn't need to be written down or enforced. Counterfeit "law" evaporates without enforcement. No one gets confused about whether it is wrong to rob a bank at gun point and shoot a few bystanders- because this is a violation of Natural Law. Most modern "laws" are nothing like this. They are arbitrary whims, imposed and enforced for the benefit of a few, to the detriment of the rest.

I don't want everyone molested equally- I want everyone's liberty to be respected. Regardless of whether they are my friend or not; even if their liberty offends me in some way. This is equality which matters.


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