Sunday, August 02, 2015

Dealing with strong willed, stupid childish people

Statists are like strong willed children. Pat them on the head, wink at them and their stubborn insistence on clinging to their insane notions, and then go your own way, leaving them to do the same. As long as they don't try to stop you.

Unfortunately, they are also like somewhat stupid children.

They are scared, so they dream up fantastical scenarios of horror. They don't understand your reality-based reassurances, so they get angry. They don't understand the words you use, so they assign their own meaning to the words to reinforce their fears and superstitions. They throw tantrums because they don't understand and they don't want to listen to those who know better.

I suppose this means I should have a lot of patience with them- being like strong willed, stupid children and all. And I think I usually do.

But, beyond patience, what might actually get through to them? To insert a germ of reality into their brains, where it might eventually grow?

What approach would work best with someone like that? Other than simply killing them all, I mean.



  1. That is the question on all rational minds these days. 'What's it going to take to get the intractable minds that control the state to understand?'.

    1. "What's it going to take to get the intractable minds that control the state to understand?'."

      Ain't happenin', or it already would have. Nor is it your/our responsibility to change their thinking. Our responsibility is securing our rights ...which continues to the next question; "What else can be done to stop the masses from violating everyone?"

      The answer is to exercise the right to defense. ...which begs the question of how. The answer is by any and all means necessary and/or available.

      Kill them all, let god sort them.

  2. I've found that people reject your message because they are genuinely terrified of freedom.
    To them, freedom means being taken care of and watched over by a benevolent master.

    1. Yeah, I have seen the cowardice at the heart of statism, and it is pitiful.