Saturday, August 01, 2015

Decisions, decisions...

I'm trying to decide whether to continue paying to keep online.

The quarterly bill is due the middle of this month, and this month has a lot of extra expenses I need money for. I'll need to decide before the bill comes due*.

I have reproduced all the pages here at the blog, so they wouldn't exactly be lost, but all the links to pages on the website which I have put different places over the years would be dead- including those in all the blog posts here. Plus, the link to this blog would revert back to what it was before it was "", which would cause more trouble and confusion.

I average just under 100 visits per day at

Is it worth keeping online? I don't really know.

Weigh in with your thoughts.

*The cost has been covered- thank you. So it will stay online for at least another 6 months. But, I would still like any thoughts as to whether the website is worth it.



  1. I would call them statists rather than socialists. Some prefer the fascist method of plunder (corporatism) to the socialist method (nationalization.) Most ruler-wannabes don't care which way they rip people off.

    1. To me it's a difference which makes no difference. The results of corporatism and socialism are the same- and I'm not even sure the methods differ in any substantive way. I'm happy to call them whatever bothers them the most.

  2. I am on vacation right now but I may me able to help you so that all the site will cost you in the future so that all it will cost you is the domain name registration each year. If you want I will contact you later next week when I'm back with more info.

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