Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Safety for the aggressors?

If I should be concerned about "officer safety"- that silly belief which causes so much innocent death- shouldn't I be just as concerned about rapist safety?

If I can't ("legally") carry a gun near cops, due to their cowardice and fear of being shot (in self-defense, no doubt), does this mean rapists also deserve to do their "job" without fear?

Many statists apparently believe so. That's the basis of all those anti-gun "laws". Safety for the bad guys, at the expense of the decent people.



  1. The cops in a neighboring county have taken to hiking a popular mountain trail leading to a hot spring. They lie in wait, then the plainclothes pigs step out on the trail, whip out a badge, and announce that they must search through your pockets, backpacks, and purse because they fear for their safety.
    I do take exception with your labeling them as cowards, Kent. They are truly liars and traitors against their communities, rather than trembling LARPing crybabies. There are plenty of cowards out there that don't break the non-aggression principle.

    1. Cops are bullies (by definition), and all bullies are cowards. Not all cowards are bullies, however.

      Now, as long as a bully has (and keeps) the upper hand, you won't see his cowardice- but it's there. Those trail bullies are making certain to orchestrate their encounters so they keep the upper hand. If a situation should arise where the upper hand was lost to them you'd see their true selves emerge.

      I agree they are also liars, when they say they are "public servants". Not many say that incantation nowadays.

      They are only traitors if you assume they work for you and society/your community. They don't. Their community is the Blue Line Gang. That is where their only loyalties lie, and where they always have, so they aren't traitors. They are very loyal to evil.

    2. While reading, I couldn't help but to think of how vulnerable police thugs are in such a setting. It would be so easy to ambush them.