Monday, August 10, 2015

Wherein I say something racist

As of about an hour ago, if my son were "Black", he'd probably be dead- or at least caged- at the hand of cops.

He's OK.

This is why I don't care who you are, I don't want cops committing enforcement against you (molesting you). Ever. If you are OK with it when the cops molest "those people", whoever that might be to you, you are not on the side of liberty- you are siding with bullies.

F'ing Nazis.

But why did I have to be born into a police state? Some people are fine with that. I am not.



  1. Replies
    1. It sounds Kent's son had a close call. I think I understand.

      My daughter and my son are trustworthy and kind young people, yet my greatest fear for their safety is law enforcement. The LE's are not held accountable for their actions, and they have killed plenty of innocent and unarmed young men and women (and many family dogs) in our community. They are exonerated every single time. They just have to say they feared for their life, no matter how absurd their claim or how damning the evidence is to the contrary.

      We are hard working folks and have lived here all our lives, and we are seriously considering moving out of the state or out of the country because of the disgusting police state that they have created. Only the LE threat of death or imprisonment (slavery) of our son and daughter cause us to consider leaving the home we love.

      The more uniformed wanna-be-hero-types they put on the street, the less safe my family and I feel.

      Every parent of the targeted age, gender and race categories should fear for their offspring.

      Being white and/or female means a better chance at a peaceful outcome, but by no means guarantees your safety.

      Best wishes to you and your family Kent.

    2. I was afraid that might be the issue.

      And yes, I have heard of your thug department, as well as been through your lovely desert town a couple of times.

      I hope all is well by now, but Kent's absence is worrisome. Kent should be Mayor and Sheriff of Albuquerque instead of being subjected to their bullshit.

    3. I will relate what happened after he returns home safely.