Wednesday, September 09, 2015

Seeing clearly

I recently got new glasses. First time in over 14 years! Well, technically, I got new lenses in some frames I already had on hand- bought a year ago in anticipation. (If anyone wants to donate to my vision fund, I'd certainly welcome it.) I can see again- with both eyes. This is a good thing.

My vision has always been bad. I got my first glasses about the time I turned 7. I can still remember how strange it felt to realize I hadn't been seeing well before. Until I had something to compare how I was seeing to how I should be seeing, I didn't know I wasn't seeing the world as it was. I didn't know things were out of focus.

Well, the same goes for statists.

Until they are shown what the world really looks like, they can't know they are seeing an out of focus, distorted version of reality. I make it my goal to let a few of them look through my spectacles as often as I can. If they squeeze their eyes shut and don't want to see reality, that's on them. I've done my part.



  1. Kent,

    I've flogged a particular service over on my blog, and I think you might benefit from them: (use coupon code IF8W3WE7A1 for a 5% discount and I get some kind of credit for referring you).

    I've purchased two pairs of glasses from them. Each pair came to less than $12 including shipping. Of course, I went with their lowest priced, on sale frames and didn't get tinted lenses, bifocals, etc., but I have found the glasses entirely satisfactory. And of course I had to pay for an eye exam elsewhere first and then punch my prescription in to the EyeBuyDirect web site. But still, cheap and good product.

    My wife also bought a pair of glasses from them and is very happy with them. Her glasses were more expensive because they were bifocals, and because she wanted a more expensive frame (unlike me, she cares a lot about how her glasses look), but still my recollection is that she paid about $50 for a pair of glasses that would have cost $200 or more at a regular place.

    1. I actually already have the glasses, and already ordered the prescription sunglasses.

      I'll check that site out- although it may be another 14 years before I get new glasses again. It's one reason I ONLY buy glass lenses, not plastic/polycarbonate. Glass lasts and saves me lots of money.

      I'm not seeing where that site sells lenses only. I generally use my own frames.

      My eyesight is bad enough that most of the online opticians add a surcharge to my lenses. But the local optician I used didn't. He's cheaper than most of the online places I found. My dad always uses him and recommended him to me. Turns out he's also a Facebook friend- since 2012.

    2. I passed along your recommendation to someone else who is needing glasses.