Wednesday, September 16, 2015

The "immigration" disconnect

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If you pour water down an animal's burrow, do you get angry when the animal flees- and runs across your foot?

If so, I would say you are not too bright.

In the same way, if you make someone's home territory unlivable do you react with anger when refugees come pouring out and end up in your vicinity?

This is the situation I see with "immigration".

Through the Middle East wars for oil (excuse me- against Islamists), and the War on Politically Incorrect Drugs, US policy (and invasion) has made people's homes unlivable, and they sensibly flee, looking for somewhere else to live. If this angers you, then be angry at those driving the people out of their homes, not the people trying to survive in the face of bad situations.

No, you aren't causing the problem. Those who claim to be acting on your behalf are. Using money stolen from you. Sometimes with your approval. Repudiate them and their acts- loudly and repeatedly. Don't let anyone believe you support the situations that cause the problem in any way. Don't encourage the bullies to make America so bad that the migrants will decide to leave- because that is the end result of closing the "borders", endless war, and prohibition. The result will not be solved until you end the cause.


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