Wednesday, October 28, 2015

LibertyLand- population: You

Because Govstatistan is global, you can't just "love it or leave it"; there is nowhere to go. No, not even Somalia, regardless of the claims of the liberty-ignorant.

So, you might as well carve out little pockets of liberty in the midst of Govstatistan, right where you live now.

It's nice when you can find or create a larger pocket, but even an individual can be his own tiny bubble of Rightful Liberty. Yes, there will be obstacles and bullies trying to get in your way (as there would be in Libertopia). Be creative. Work around them. It won't be perfect, but it'll be better than giving up.



  1. An overlooked piece of our liberty existence is the virtual realm of the Internet that is the most fertile ground for control by the state. We can take our freedom back using smart behaviors and technical strategies that will re-establish our privacy and by extension, a considerable amount of freedom to travel, explore and communicate.

  2. Kill almost everyone and start over with Libertarianism, or condemn your progeny to perpetual enslavement.

    Pick one.

    The other options are to create absolute chaos, or to convince people to get along.

    People won't get along, ultimately because they are selfish and/or stupid. Chaos may/will not resolve the statism issue. Slavery is not acceptable,

    ...thus the answer is to start by killing almost everyone.

    1. Since killing almost everyone is not libertarianism, you would be starting with an initial condition that doesn't contain the seeds to grow what you claim to be wanting. That's not likely to lead to where you want to go, even if you don't see another way.

      Do I know the solution? No.

      Implement your plan and I will adapt and roll with it.

    2. Killing almost everyone is an act of defense against an enormous criminal organization called government.

      I see it as a necessary step to be where we need to be. Statism is in the way of world peace. People demand it and refuse to even listen to anything different. They cannot be reasoned out of their crime, so the right to defense applies.