Thursday, November 12, 2015

"I'm trying to change it from the inside! Honest!"

When the group "Anonymous" released the names of people it said are associated with the KKK, those exposed people missed a good opportunity.

They should have admitted their membership or support, but claimed they hate everything the KKK stands for and were simply joining to change it from the inside.

After all, that's what I am told I should do because I despise what cops and "government" do.

If I hate what cops do, I should become one so I can "understand them" and work to change what they do from the inside.

If I hate "government, I should vote to get more people into office who agree more with Rightful Liberty- or I should run for office so I can save people from "government" violation.

Somehow, no one has yet suggested that since I oppose "racism" and the KKK, I should find the nearest chapter (?) and sign up so I can influence them in the right direction.

Come to think of it, all those kidnapped on charges they were trying to join ISIS should claim the same defense. Right?

This week has been very medically expensive, and there's more to "look forward to": GoFundMe?


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