Wednesday, November 04, 2015

Only a statist

What kind of person believes it is wrong for me to personally take up arms against a property violator/aggressor ("criminal"), but believes it's OK to send hired guns after the same property violator/aggressor- hired guns ("police") who exist only through robbing and violating me?

Oh yeah... A statist.

No, not all statists believe the first thing is wrong, but only a statist would believe the second thing is right.



  1. Yes Kent, I believe we can agree 'statists' suck.

    Back to borders, and 'property lines.' I'm close enough to you that I could feasibly help out, if you asked, if a small gang or tribe decided to cross your property line, and threaten you and yours.

    What I don't believe you understand, is that unless you, I, or a team of like-minded friends has access to crew-served weapons, the 'invaders' on a scale that Europe is experiencing now, is going to overwhelm our little force. What say you?

    1. "They are all concentrating in the places where they believe the handouts (not opportunity) will be greatest.
      In other words, this is a government-caused problem, more government isn't going to solve it.

      Would they even bother coming without government doing things to 1) encourage them and 2) discourage people from defending their property rights?

      Would enough of them even want to come to necessitate "crew-served weapons" without government causing the problem? Or, if the risk of dying due to trespassing on private property were even 50/50, would they take the chance?

      Europe is a bad example, having had decades more practice at being a collectivist/socialist anti-liberty Hell-pit. If America keeps going down that road, the migrants- hostile or not- will only be the nail in the coffin, not the root problem.

      And, maybe it is where we are headed, but advocating for more government is only facilitating it, rather than standing against the tide.