Tuesday, November 24, 2015

The futility of the Police State

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I wouldn't have expected to have so many people complimenting me for my response after my daughter Cheyenne's death. I will say that has been the strangest result.

The thing is, I really believe what I write. I have no choice but to believe reality. Pain and sorrow don't alter it even a little.

I don't believe "laws" would have saved her- there are already "laws" against drugged driving- they can't stop anyone. There are "laws" demanding we all wear seat belts- which she did. There are "laws" which force car manufacturers to install air bags- and they worked as designed in her new car. There are cops flooding our streets to make sure all those "laws" are enforced.

And, yet, Cheyenne still died.

Given the same end result, I would have preferred she lived her 24 years in a free society, unmolested by these "laws". I'm not sure what she would have preferred- she did pretty much as she wanted anyway. Whether she would have admitted it or not, she and I were a lot alike- for good or bad.

So, don't be amazed that I haven't changed my mind about prohibition, or check points, or cops, or prison. Pointless things remain pointless, and things which whittle away at Rightful Liberty are still harmful. They were harmful to Cheyenne, whether she realized it or not, and they did nothing to protect her. And they are harmful to my surviving kids.


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